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Why are we doing this

We believe that everyone deserves a chance to own real estate and build wealth through ownership. There are far too many harworking people who never get a chance to build lasting, generational wealth because they don't have a bunch of cash or perfect credit. We're here to change that, and give everyone an easy on-ramp to investing in the most enduring asset class ever: real estate. The world is a different place than when traditional borrowing tools were designed, and the way we buy assets needs to be different, too.

Founder & CEO

Samuel Walters

Let's talk about mission

A note from our Founder & CEO, Samuel Walters:

We are striving for a better, fairer, and more financially free future, where you don’t have to be rich to own property. Real estate is the #1 source of generational wealth for American families, but it’s harder than ever to buy. Mortgage requirements are difficult to meet, many people don’t have traditional W2 jobs anymore, and buying a house to live in is simply not affordable for most people who live in high-value markets.

I come from a family of modest, hard-working folks. For my parents, and their parents before them, the best financial decision they ever made was to buy a home. Their lives and my life would be far different and, frankly, worse, if they weren’t given the chance. That chance, however, seems harder and harder to get now.

When you look at the broader data, they say the same thing as my parents and grandparents: buying real estate is essential to financial health and creating a better life. So, we at DeedPath are on a simple mission: to make real estate ownership accessible to everyone.