Our process

You can secure a property in a matter of days, and be an owner sooner than you think.
And don't worry, we'll be there for you every step of the way.


Apply with DeedPath.


Choose an investment property within our investment guidelines.


We approve you and your investment property.


We buy the house for cash, with a 5% down payment from you.


You make monthly savings contributions.


We help you finance and buy it from us OR we give you your money back (minus a small relisting fee).

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What’s the benefit for customers?

We developed this program to offer people who don’t yet have the finances for a mortgage the chance to buy houses as an investment. This means a person can build wealth for their family through investing in a tangible, useful, understandable asset, and not bundles of incomprehensible investment portfolio items. If you’re contributing a few thousand dollars a year to a traditional investment account, we firmly believe that working with DeedPath is a better use of that money and a better path to long-term wealth. We do that by buying the very best income-producing investment properties for you and helping you save to buy it. We increase the price of our houses by only 3% each year. Based on recent market data, when you buy the house from us in the future, you’ll be purchasing the house at a discount. If you don’t end up buying the house, you can have your money back (minus a small relisting fee). Not too bad, right?

What’s the benefit for DeedPath?

Well, we would buy these properties anyway. They’re solid, income-producing assets, and we’re happy to have them. That said, we love the idea of helping people become owners, and we figured out that technological developments have made this kind of Main Street investing more financially viable than ever before. We make money by increasing the buyout price of the house 3% per year and collecting the cash flow while we own the property. That’s it. We’re not here to play games or sell a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. The best way to get rich is slowly, deliberately, and, we think, with real estate.

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